Our Story   Boudreaux's Bayou Dust

Originally started in a small Texas town, our story begins with a competition barbeque team that was continuously falling short of placing in judged competitions. Recognizing that changes were needed, an internal evaluation and brainstorming activity commenced… and a star was born! A sleeper ingredient made its first appearance… A blend of seasoning was unveiled from behind the counter of our meat supplier and was handed over with the comment, “try this and let me know what you think!!!”

The results say it all…

At the next competition, brisket(s) placed first! Then the next, and the next, and the next! Long story short, the secret ingredient had been hiding under our noses all along and has since taken us down victory lane time and time again.

Sadly, the owner of our meat supplier fell ill, and upon learning of his terminal illness, he decided to share the ingredients to his secret seasoning and put pen to paper for the first time… Therefore passing it down and leaving behind his contribution and legacy! Paving the path to culinary enjoyment and tasty experiences for generations to come!

Through the years, modifications have been made to the blend several times making it even better… The story of how Boudreaux’s Bayou Dust came into being! It is great on all meats, salads, and breakfast! Use it to replace salt and pepper. We are confident you will make it your top-shelf, go to seasoning every time the kitchen opens!

In Loving Memory

It is with heavy hearts that we pay tribute to the life and legacy of our dear brother and business partner, who passed away from Covid-19. He was a remarkable person, whose kindness, intelligence, and passion touched the lives of many people.

We will miss him deeply, but we will carry his memory with us always. His passing is a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment we have with the people we love. We are grateful for the time we had with him, and we will honor his memory by continuing to live our lives with the same passion, dedication, and kindness that he embodied.

Rest in peace, dear brother. You will never be forgotten.

Craig Boudreaux | 1961 ~ 2021

Craig Boudreaux


  • Craig Boudreaux